New error cannot change password_ Miui 14 A13 on LISA


Jan 15, 2023
Sorry, my english is not good( gg translate).
I've discovered some really serious bugs:
1. when I use Vietnamese display language, font doesn't seem to display clearly, "Allways -on display" is shown as "Ambient".
The translation is not very good, where can I contribute the Vietnamese translation?
2. under "Password and security" in settings, I can't change the pin even
though I entered it correctly. From the home screen I still log in with the pin code and fingerprint normally, but all the settings related to the pin in the system give the result "Try again".
what's worse is that my e-banking apps can't open when this problem occurs. The temporary fix is to restart the device, now the applications can run and log in the pin normally again.
If the post is not valid, please let me know through the notice "Your post is deleted, violating ..." because I am a new member, so I don't know the rules. Thank you for your efforts.
My device: Mi11 lite 5gNE Lisa, Miui 14A13 V14.0.4.0.TKOCNXM Stable