1.8.5 - Time zone changes when on "Automatic" mode.


Jun 19, 2011
My Date and Time Settings are on Automatic, and it works fine when I'm home. When I go to work, roughly 20 minutes away, my phone seems to randomly turn back an hour. Going into settings it tells me the phone will tell me I'm on Western Argentina time. ....I'm in Nova Scotia, Canada. Keeping it on Manual doesn't seem to help either, as I've had problems with gtalk on both modes.. when the clock messes up, all my messages will be shown on the bottom, while the messages from the person I'm talking to will be shown above my messages, an hour earlier.

I can't seem to peg down what would make it change so randomly. I don't have gps on very often, to conserve battery, but it's never been a problem on CM7. Turning on gps also doesn't seem to fix it, I may find that I'll look happen to check the phone 30 mins later, and suddenly it's back on the right time.