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Nov 6, 2010
<strong>Recommended updates:</strong>
<li>Optimisation of text selection methods</li>
<li>Send files via Bluetooth in any format</li>
<li>Support for custom calls, messages notification LED color and further support of adjusting LED settings e.g setting flash interval.</li>
<li>Send files via Bluetooth in any format</li>
<li>Optimise the selection and action of text, numbers, passwords, e-mail, telephone, URL, and other special fields which can be double-clicked or selected by batch or individually.</li>
<li>Fix rounding issue of CPU frequency showing 1000.0MB where it should be e.g. 1.0GHz</li>
<li>Fixed system update problem, package not found after download completed</li>

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<li>Optimisation of bulk message removal and progress</li>
<li>Optimise support to send pictures via File Explorer</li>
<li>Optimise message notification volume</li>
<li>Optimisation of SMS center number and timeout settings</li>
<li>Fix in some cases delivery report repeated pop ups continually</li>
<li>Fixed "no messages" background appears while switching the SMS pages Fixed the recipient state of error while writing messages to strangers</li>
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<strong>Lockscreen, status bar and notifications:</strong>
<li>Optimised lockscreen memory footprint by an average of 80%</li>
<li>Lockscreen optimised to support audio</li>
<li>Optimised to view programs currently in use through the new lock-screen</li>
<li>Optimised slide down unlock region</li>
<li>Fixed the interface might flash before locking when you light up the screen in some cases</li>
<li>Fixed lockscreen preview cannot display missed calls or messages</li>
<li>Optimise hiding of desktop shortcuts e.g. contacts if contacts application is hidden</li>
<li>Fix time zone changes do not update the clock widget immediately</li>
<li>Fixed problem in editing mode dragging items was inaccurately positioning</li>
<li>Fix issue where folders sometimes disappear</li>
<li>Fixed the size of some widgets of 4 * 1 change into 4 * 2</li>
<li>Fix icons overlapping in some cases</li>
<li>Optimisation of startup and browsing speed</li>
<li>Default navigation page optimisation to directly enter favorites and history</li>
<li>Fix for Google Voice search</li>
<li>Fix pressing back key would not close / exit the application</li>
<li>Fix quick links disappearing after they are edited</li>
<li>Fix problems with download file names being corrupted</li>
<li>Optimisation of information when new lockscreen is applied, prompt user about previews</li>
<li>Optimised full page details, background changes to black</li>
<li>Optimised failure of backing out from the details page to the page list</li>
<li>Optimisation of online theme browsing and loading of previews</li>
<li>Fix details page preview, exiting full screen preview does not show preview in center of interface</li>
<li>Fix details page click on both sides of the preview into the full-screen preview mode causes errors</li>
<li>Fixed in some cases the "Currently used" icon displays the wrong ringtone selected</li>
<li>Fixed theme details did not show the number of downloads</li>
<li>Fix response time selecting music functions on lockscreen</li>
<li>Fix in some cases player exiting abnormally when loading</li>
<strong>Access controls:</strong>
<li>Optimisation of hidden applications, hidden applications are listed at the top of the page for quicker selection and opening</li>
<li>Added support for custom calls, message notification LED color and breathing / blinking frequency (Settings moved to Settings -&gt; Personal)</li>
<strong>File Explorer:</strong>
<li>Optimise access to files from other applications e.g. themes and music</li>
<li>Optimise category listing interface when SD card is mounted or unmounted</li>
<li>Fix copy, cut and paste for large number of files causes performance issue and FC</li>
<li>Fix copy, cut and paste files in category browsing interface displays incorrect file counts (out of sync)</li>
<li>Optimise backup and restore processing</li>
<li>Check internal storage space before recovery</li>
<li>Optimise local backup and restore performance</li>
<li>Optimise local backup of third-party applications</li>
<li>Optimise recovery speed and avoidance of duplicate datasynchronisation</li>
<li>Fix list style issues when applying theme backups</li>
<li>Fix issues with backup of alarm settings, restoring invalid data</li>
<li>Fix after successful backup does not automatically lock screen</li>
<li>Fix cloud backup previous backup time displayed as 1970-1-1</li>
<strong>Download manager:</strong>
<li>Added support to delete downloaded files history individually or by batch</li>
<li>Fix problems with setting Wi-Fi only download still caused download over 3G / GPRS data connection</li>
<li>Optimised "base" option adaptation model will not show when there is no base model (8.8)</li>
<li>Optimised "security info" adaptation model in "About phone" will not show if there is no corresponding model (8.8)</li>