2 quick questions.


Dec 3, 2010
I'm sorry if these have been asked before. I searched but didn't find anything.
1. When using only 1 home screen. Why does the wallpaper align to the left instead of centering?
2. I just noticed that when sending a text my connection goes from 3g to 1x. Is this natural and something I've never noticed before?

HTC Incredible
Invisiblek #28
Unfortunately I can't really help with the first question because I've never had just 1 screen.
But as far is the second question some roms don't show you when you're in 3g, this one has an indicator. Its normal for your phone to switch between modes as it needs to.
Thanks for the response. I guess I just never thought about it switching out to send a text. I guessed that was what it was though.