"3" MP3 Player

The Batman

Mar 3, 2011
Just a quick comment: I came across an application named 3. There is an optioon to display scroll through the album covers of all of the music you have on your phone just like the iPhone/iPod (I think they call it 'cover flow'). I think everyone should look into it and maybe create an icon that looks just like the iPod/iPhone icon.


Unsure if the link will work (doing this from my phone).

Just search for the number 3 in the market and the icon look like a black cube.

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It's actually called "cubed", hence the superscript 3. I tried cubed out a while ago and I thought it looked really good, but I didn't think it was the most functional music player. The whole look of the thing was very innovative though but it just wasn't for me.
Yeah I knew that the 3 was a subscript but I knew that searching for just "3" in the market would bring it up.

I'm digging the app right now, but I don't like the fact that it does not have controls to fast forward to rewind the mp3's.

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