MULTI 5.4.10

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Hi Krassiy.

if you like to use MiFlash and Fastboot, use the latest fastboot package of 5.4.10 MIUIv6-L 5.0 and Latest MiFlash tool (20141107) from here (both of them already released):
Choose them from site above:

- MiFlash Tool: Download MIUI ROM Flashing Tool (Size:26M, 29bc366214a42a048e6a7cfb1ca9cc25)
- Fastboot package: Xiaomi Mi 2/2S Latest Developer Version Fastboot File Download

Select for fastboot script: all_wipe.bat file (it will perfectly clean everything from your phone)
And finally install the multilang vesrion of miui 5.4.10 via updater app or via MiRecovery. If you make full wipe before and after install the multilang version, you cannot make mistake ;)
I did everything described above (Every time when I flashed a fastboot ROM I used the fastboot script: all_wipe.bat file) but the "Unknown number" issue is still present. :confused:
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I use an app called "GameCIH".
Is an application to modify the binary numbers of an application, resembling the " Cheat Engine " for computer

This app need root in cellphone.

In configurations, in Permission, im change for accept this app for have access to the root.

In the old version, this app working fine. But in version 5.0.2, this still asking for root.

Already modified the permissions , also on the Security tab , put to accept all regarding this application, but the application continues to insist that need root the phone as if not there :(

Could someone help me ?
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