MIUI 10.2 8.11.8

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Aug 30, 2018
@ingbrzy can you help me and

After lockscreen my screen just flashed a few moment i dont what wrong
(Mi 8)

We have this same problem. Flashes screen after unlock, turn on screen and turn off device (mi8).


I have this only between 7pm and 7am. After the day is ok and i dont have flashes.

First time i have this after upadate 8.11.1. in twrp wipe data, system, cache and instal clean soft. Didnt help.

I clean instal 8.11.8 and didnt help..

Do you think it is a good idea flash china dev rom on mi flash, and after instal miui eu?

I have AOD disable.
Aug 30, 2018
using default theme?
Yes. Classic. I change to default but didnt help. I am surprised that this is happening in the evening and in the morning.
I dont use aod, and enything which is related to time or tasks.

Especially in the morning I have a problem with that. the screen can not wake up just flashes white. after 7 o'clock everything goes back to normal.
Aug 30, 2018
Did you also try format data in TWRP?

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Yes. Only twrp. On last week i do 5 wipe data, cache, dalvik, system with hope that will be help. But didn't help. Wipe, instal system, few hours and somtimes first run and flashes comeback.

Now i dont have this but i'm evening flashes comeback.

I turn off auto brighteness, bright max, bright low, but that's not it.

This problem does not always occur.
when there is this problem aod befor AOD show screen flashes but when i not problem with flashes when screen is wake up AOD works perfekt.

This is the problem of waking up the screen. it is not wipe, battery, aod, auto backlight problem i think. I check evrything what i can.

Format data with interial storage i do today after backup pictures to my computer
Dec 21, 2017
First Thanks for the great work and performance but I mind that the contrary production from the Mi account unfortunately still does not go and miss the notch attitude to one and hide the notch.
Sep 3, 2015
On Redmi 5 Plus I noticed a problem related to mobile data signal, basically it switches continuously between LTE and LTE+.
I don't know if it's a TIM data network problem o a ROM problem.
So far, with xiaomi weekly eu Android Nougat based roms the signal was fix on LTE+ (of course depending on the zone in which I was, but here at my home it was fix).
Anyway thanks for upgrading to Android Oreo, great work! ;-)
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