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Sep 20, 2016
The problem is that at every reboot it comes back in always on ..... I hate dark mode
Hey guys this morning I woke up my développer option where gone and I had to press seven time again to get it back , and also my dark made was set back to always on when I had put it to set for time of day yesterday .... Might be a bug somewhere !!
The same here, very annoyng bug

Developer please fix dark mode issue.
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Mar 23, 2016
Hi ! Just for precision please for update eu Rom (9.1.24 to 9.2.14) how wipe before flash it ? Dalvik & Cache & "System" ? Or not System ?
And for password & finger print face id remove it before update it ?
Thank you.
Oct 12, 2018
There is an issue with Google Camera i have been observing and with every update of firmware i hope it will be fixed but no positive results so far...

When i enter to the GC and switch on to the front one i get an error and application crashes automatically(

Please clarify this situation

Xiaomi Mi5s 3/64

Thx a lot!
Jan 27, 2018

Problem with dark mode on my mimix 2

I disable it and it reactivate alone
In dev mod, "always on" come back each time.

À solution to desactivate it definitively?


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Feb 3, 2016
Do you see me asking for an ETA?
Is the question what's about note 6 update the same as when your gonna release it??

My question answer is a bug
And your tommorow!
Seems I do not understand what you expect for an answer.
Your originally question was: "Any update on note 6?? "
This could be understood in many ways.
I understood you were asking if update for Note 6 is available.

Information about this you can find in posting #2, including Changelog (new features / solved bugs - if this was the expected answer to your question)

So lets stop this useless discussion.
This is technical forum, mainly for feedbacks to respective weekly beta rom and helping each ohter to solve problems.with this rom.

Information, if a known bug is solved you additionally can find in bug section of xiomi.eu.

Have a nice time my friend, and peace ;)
Mar 18, 2017
Is the question what's about note 6 update the same as when your gonna release it??
I will explain once, and ONLY once:
1. RN6Pro is Global-only device
2. Global is usually released one day after China (China - Tuesday, Global - Friday) and so you have usually info on xiaomi.eu about delayed devices and usually exist here RN6Pro because Global isn't released yet (same as POCO)
3. On this week all ROMs, including China and Global, are delayed due to alarm clock and you won't have update for RN6Pro (Global) until Thursday: http://en.miui.com/thread-5671433-1-1.html

I hope explained your issue. Take care and give some respect to us, translators and devs, which are working for free and only with clear fun on making MIUI some better for us...

Sep 10, 2016
On my Mi Note 2, permissions of apps are getting reset. I don't know when and why. And also push notifications on apps like whatsapp are not working.

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Edit: I have allowed auto start, removed restrictions in battery saver, turned off miui optimization in developer options, locked the app in recents. Still the problem persists.
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Oct 14, 2018
Already installed the latest beta version on my Redmi S2. The only problem I noticed so far is that when you locked your phone while an app is open in foreground, it will go back to home screen when you unlock it. And it also takes three to five seconds before the home screen opens up after you unlock it through fingerprint.
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