A dev request / question


Nov 11, 2010
Hi all,

Don't know if this has been asked - or a solution exists - outside of running a home alternative such as ADW or Launcher Pro etc.

The lack of an App Drawer is obviously an intentional omission from MIUI - and I wanted to know if anyone (including the MIUI devs) had considered building one....or if an app exists in the Market that adds this functionality?

I had a thought about the Editing mode - which features the Wallpaper icon / Trash / Widgets icon.
Given that Wallpapers can be set directly from the Settings menu - the Wallpaper icon in Editing mode seems redundant.....and I wondered if this is where / how an app drawer / all apps could be accessed.
Needless to say, apps could be dragged to various user home screens from a window laid out like the Widgets window - making set up of homescreens much faster - and even simpler than it already is.
Dragged app icons would automatically be assigned to the first, second, a.s.o. blank spaces on the target home screen.
Obviously, these can be rearranged after the fact to meet user needs.

Is this a good idea / would it be possible to implement?
I have some programming experience - but don't know if I could execute what I have in mind.
I was actually looking into this myself. My issue is that while launcherpro or adw is great you currently "need" to have launcher2 (stock miui) launcher installed to uninstalled apps. I have tried building without launcher2 and it breaks quite a few things. We would have to break apart the launcher2 apk and framework so these dependencies are no longer there. Then we can look forward into building a customer launcher with an app drawer... until then. adw or pro is your best bet.
I've also done the multiple folder thing....and use LP. ADW doesn't play nicely with MIUI - on my Desire at least.

So it seems that this isn't going to be an easy thing to get around soon - unless the MIUI team already have something like this in mind.
Hopefully, they'll cast their talented eyes over this thread and think it's a worthwhile thing to implement.