A taste of things to come this week...


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Nov 6, 2010
Hi everyone,

Change log from the latest private beta is here to give you an idea of what to expect this Friday :)

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- Add new dialler switch
- Proximity fix for blackscreen when trying to end call(s)
- Optimised the contact log records and time info
- Call log optimisation of time of call records

- Fixed issue where MIUI Backup failed to restore the Caller ID details
- View contact ui errors fixed
- Text color issues and group sorting fixed
- Fixed empty groups after re-sync
- T9 Search optimisation

<strong>Theme manager:</strong>
- Optimisation of theme ui switching between pages
- Fixed Backup theme display problems in UI

- Added new 3rd Edition UI

- Added icons with Shadows
- New Launcher folder and optimisation of broken ok / cancel buttons
- Fixed folder problems hiding items and restoring them

- Flashlight / Torch fixed display issue for Milestone users

- Message pop up now allows to enter the conversation view
- Optimisation of conversation list time
- Mms picture fixes
- Signature fixed
- Group sending messages bugs fixed

- Fixed headphone plugged in state
- Added HSDPA icon

- New 3rd Editon UI

- Fixed issue when playing music phone would not ring
- Repaired now playing issue (Google original bug)

- Move, batch delete notes
- Sync optimisations
- other small fixes for notes interface

- Optimisation of global time AM/PM display.