After installing 1.7 Language Pack Desire won't boot

Zeak Zikansson

Jun 18, 2011
Thought it might me useful to have this thread as I'm not the only one with Desire GSM who has this glitch. Chinese update works perfectly, but after installing English LP boot stucks on HTC logo.
Something's wrong with LP. Update installs perfectly. But after installing LP it won't boot
up, stuck on HTC logo..Wiped cache and dalvik same shoe.
My milestone booted just fine after installing the english pack..
did you install the deodexed miui either? if you did so it might be that something went wrong with that new auto english that mark has bulit..
wait for his comment about it
I do have this with my N1, too. If I pull the battery and put it back it boots normally until the next power off.