Annoying Notifications on MIUI, does it help to switch ROM? (POCO F3)


Jan 14, 2019

i've got a POCO F3 for Christmas (yay!) and really happy gaming my vacation away with Genshin Impact and others.

Now there is just one thing getting on my nerves: The never ending Notifications about Enabeling Location based Services, to use Xiaomi-Cloud and so on.
I've read thou the Forums to disable advertising, that part worked, but apart from things i can do in the "Notifications & Control Center", i did not find any way to get rid of all those stupid reminders since they're not from single Apps i could disable in the List.

I might be nuts for thinking about installing ROM just for that, but i REALLY do not want to have ANY stupid notifications on my Phone, unless there is a Call or Message. No App or System-Reminders should be reminding me again and again, every fu**ing day to set this or that up. If i do not want location-based services, saying NO once should suffice. I klicked it every day since xmas and my patience is running thin now.

--> Will i be able to permanently get rid of all "friendly" reminders from Xiaomi to use their Services if i install ROM?
Thanks :)