New 'Unknown number' for every incoming call on my POCO F3 running MIUI 12.6 .EU ROM


Jan 21, 2022
Hello all,

Recently, I've changed from the global ROM to an .EU ROM on my POCO F3 (alioth) as I heard that it was a much improved version of MIUI.

The ROM I'm using currently is MIUI 12.6 by Xiaomi EU 21.12.8 Beta on Android 12.

And though it truly is much lighter with no useless bloats installed, I'm facing some issues that I require assistance with.

Every and any call I receive is shown as 'Unknown number', even for the ones saved in my contacts. And I've tried looking for a fix but to no avail. I did read something about turning off VoLTE but that hasn't worked either.

Another issue albeit minor that I have is, I've no option for 'Show notification but hide contents' on my lockscreen. This is a bit annoying, but I can ignore it for now.

Do advise if you know the solution to the problems above.

TL;DR Need fix for 'Unknown number' calls on Poco F3 running .EU ROM.

Thanks in advance!
Make sure you give all permissions to contact and dialer app, reset and clear all data cash, make sure that contact is your default app for calls, and make sure that your contact is synced and use the profile where your contact is saved, eg. MI acc or Gmail
I´ve got this behaviour with older roms when volte was enabled. when volte disabled everthing works normal, when enabled all calls are anonymous...
I have got this behavior in the official EEA and Global Roms when VoLte and / or VoWifi was enabled. Never got it fixed until I switched to

Had to call Vodafone to make them fix some ports. That helped for a day or 2 but then this problem appeared again.

From the day I installed stable that problem never occured again. *knocks on wood*

Try disabling VoLte and VoWifi and try again.

Use this guide to make that work.
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Hello, I don't know if this helps : I use a poco f1 and had a similar problem. I changed provider so copied contact details to the phone, then at a later point enabled volte and vowifi. I don't actually receive many phone calls so it took a while to notice calls were 'unknown' and my wife hides identity because of her job. Anyway Vodafone could not help because the phone is not supported. I tried turning off volte as a search sugested, which didn't solve the issue. Don't know what prompted me to transfer contacts to the sim but it resulted in number/ID being displayed with WiFi calling enabled. However no ID persists with volte.
I also had a problem with voicemail - worked fine with Three, not with Vodafone. Eventually had to install a different dialler to access voicemail.