1. E

    Mi 10 Pro After Install EU ROM Stuck on 5G Logo ?

    Hi; Phone is installed succesfuly eu rom when formatted data and stay on 5G logo
  2. R

    My device is locked with a Xiaomi Account. Does the ROM could solve my problem?

    Hi!, After a factory wipe my Xiaomi phone is locked by a Mi account which is not mine in a screen like this. I'm the only one who used it and I dont know if someone used it (its new but maybe someone did something and I don't, its an old phone). The case is, I tried all even e-mail to Xiaomi...
  3. mofeedooz

    stuck on boot logo after installation

    i have a poco f1 and i downloaded the miui 11 update file and i dirty flashed it in the recovery and ended up stuck at the logo i waited for a full 1 hour waiting for it to work but it doesnt ?? what did i do wrong ? how do you update your phone ?
  4. D

    Invalid [FIXED] Mi 9T stuck camera issue

    The user mlvnslc (from the forums) has found a workaround for this issue: enabling location access to the camera app fixes this problem. You can do that following these steps: Settings → Manage apps → Camera → App permissions → Location (enable the switch). I hope Xiaomi can fix this...
  5. V


    wrong thread, please delete
  6. A

    (MI 8 SE SIRIUS) No twrp

    hello im using MI 8 SE, i wanna update to latest weekly which is 9.2.21 FROM 9.2.15 but i noticed that when i wanna boot to TWRP recovery my phone stuck at MI logo with unlocked screen, is this mean my TWRP is gone? should i install TWRP again and what version?
  7. pekes-pn

    [FIXED] Mi 8 stuck on Mi logo

    I bought a CN version of Mi 8 but with global ROM and was using it in CZ. I wanted to install EU ROM and for that I performed this: flashed TWRP-3.2.3-0918-XIAOMI8-CN-wzsx150, did full Wipe, installed xiaomi.eu_multi_MI8_V10.0.9.0.OEACNFH_v10-8.1. But now when I reboot my phone it is stuck on...
  8. P

    Xiaomi Mi8 stuck on BootLoop!

    Hi, I got a Mi8 that is stuck on bootloop. I bought the phone on ******* and it came with Chinese rom, so when the global miui eu rom was release I flashed my phone with it and it all went perfectly. I still used it for a while but then I decided to sell the phone as I had gotten a new one...
  9. N

    Bricked MI-Recovery 3.0

    Hey guys, so I bricked my brand new Mi8 It is stuck in the Mi-Recovery 3.0 menu Wipe Data won't do anything (reboots in same menu) Reboot just gets into the menu It says at the bottim The MIUI version cant be installed on this device Bootloader was unlocked when I flashed it but is now locked...
  10. C

    Stuck Trying To Flash Miui 9.5.2

    I have been waiting for a long time for a update since 9.5.1 because with this rom I had problems with google maps running really slow, and with other apps crashing for no reason and getting stuck and forcing to close. I realized (since i have no OTA I dont know why, because my phone is not...
  11. M

    Solved - Stuck At Recovery While Flashing Rom: "package_extract_file Took 00s."

    I was using the latest MIUI 9.1 - 7.12.14 Beta ROM. I decided to flash the latest MIUI 9.1 Stable ROM without wiping any data ant it stucked at this screen over 30 minutes: So aperrantly it got stucked probably that I didn't wipe any data before flashing the ROM because I didn't want to lose...
  12. Dwosky

    Phone Stuck In Edl/qualcomm Usb Despite Flashing Via Miflash

    This morning I wake to my phone being completely unresponsive with black screen. No button seemed to work nor the led once I plug in to the power outlet. Checking the forum I've seen this could happen and means the phone might be bricked. I plugged it to the laptop and luckyly it found it as a...
  13. Z

    This Device Is Locked.

    Hello,this is my first post. I bought a Redmi note 3 pro almost two months ago,until now. I decided to update my phone from miui 7 to miui 8, i used the official global rom,everything was fine. BUT! on the first configuration,on Mi account login, it says that it already has a associated Mi...
  14. K

    Unable To Unbootlock (stuck 50%) And Unable To Flash Dev Rom (newbie)

    Hi everybody, I'm happy to join the european xiaomi community... and when i ordered a brand new xiaomi mi4c (16gb) from Hong Kong Goldway allieexpress shop, i planned to easily install your latest MIUI8 rom, but it's unfortunately impossible for the moment ! I suppose that Goldway...
  15. C

    Apps Not Responding After Flashing Rom To Miui 6.5.26

    I upgraded my previous ROM to MIUI 6.4.14 official, and I noticed its very battery consuming. Then I found MIUI 6.5.26 eu and flashed it. Wiped my cache and rooted too. Now I have another problem, a lot of apps will give me not responding status. Example when I open Clash of Clans, it will stuck...
  16. Filsdegandalf

    Mi4c Random Crash / Reboot

    Hi I'm getting an issue since this week end with my Mi4C.. My phone is force-closing some applications randomly, and is also rebooting randomly. I tried to instal several rom, i'm currently under the following version : Model Number: mi-4C Android Version: 5.1.1 LMY47V Android security...