Aqara door sensor not resetting properly


Mar 21, 2022

I have a number of Aqara door sensors in my new home automation system. I've had an issue with one, probably because it was out of range for too long. Rather than wait for it to reconnect to the coordinator, I thought I'd reset it and re-pair it. However, I found that I can't properly reset it. When I hold the reset button for a few seconds, instead of immediately blinking a few times and then pairing, it does nothing ; there is no blinking at all while I do that. However, it does blink quickly a high number of times (10-15?) every now and then (maybe every minute?) on its own, regardless of what I do. What could be happening? Is this how the Aqara sensor says the battery is too low for pairing? The sensor is new, but part of a batch I got from AliExpress where the batteries where already connected, and had charge levels reported between 66% and 80%. I have tried removing the battery, waiting, and inserting again, and nothing changes.

Thanks in advance for your help,