New Battery Fast Drain & Volatile Drops

Jan 23, 2016
Hello there,

I recently bought a Xiaomi Mi4 (Mi4W) 3GB, 16GB, Overseas edition. It came with Global Stable MIUI and the battery, with a normal usage (mail, chatting, browsing, no games or movies) behaved just as follows, and it behaves the same with current Global Stable MIUI

- Battery drains fast during normal usage, with important drops of 2-10% in minutes.

- Battery drains fast during airplane mode, ~15% in 7-8 hours.

Additional info:

- Balanced mode always.

- Screen time different results as for stock battery monitor (58% / ~4:45 hours) and GSM battery monitor (82% / ~13:45 hours)

- CPU usage seems OK, with plenty of deep sleep.

- No noticeable sucker app.

- No heating.

- I been suspicious of having a fake phone, but after some tests (cpu-z, activating engineer mode, antutu test ~45,000, battery capacity) it doesn't seems so.

I've read many threads and similar issues, but I didn't found a clear solution. Some users claim that with other unofficial roms the problem is gone, but I don't want to renounce to MIUI.

Hope we can find a solution for such amazing device.

Thanks and regards!

Screenshot_2016-01-23-09-53-56_com.bvalosek.cpuspy.png Screenshot_2016-01-23-09-54-23_com.miui.securitycenter.png Screenshot_2016-01-23-09-54-31_com.miui.securitycenter.png Screenshot_2016-01-23-09-54-39_com.miui.securitycenter.png Screenshot_2016-01-23-09-55-13_com.gsamlabs.bbm.png Screenshot_2016-01-23-09-55-28_com.gsamlabs.bbm.png Screenshot_2016-01-23-09-55-36_com.gsamlabs.bbm.png Screenshot_2016-01-23-09-55-58_com.gsamlabs.bbm.png Screenshot_2016-01-23-09-56-26_com.gsamlabs.bbm.png Screenshot_2016-01-23-09-56-50_com.miui.securitycenter.png Screenshot_2016-01-23-09-57-13_com.miui.securitycenter.png