New Bugs Redmi Note 3

Jun 6, 2016
Hi Guys,

I just wanted to report some bugs off the new MIUI 8 weekly version on my Redmi Note 3.

First of all I'm able to add only one fingerprint. When I try to add another it tells me that the fingerprint couldn't be added and that I should try it later again.

The next problem is that the calculator app isn't available. Maybe I can add it myself if someone got the apk.

The following points are just some ideas for the future.

In the previous version of MIUI when I opened the multitasking the current app wasn't shown. In this version the current app is shown in the multitasking window, which doesn't make much sense for me. If I can change this in the settings I hope someone can tell me how to do so.

In stock android it is possible to expand a notification on the lockscreen or the notification bar by sliding down from the notification you want to expand. I know that I am able to do so in MIUI by sliding down with two fingers. I don't understand why you have to use two fingers. If you use your phone with one hand this could be difficult.

Now some ideas for the music app.
If I'm sorting my music by artists and I'm klicking on one of them, there are shown all titles of the artist. It might be cool if the songs are again sorted by the album, like in itunes or other musik apps.
It might also be useful to add a button "play next".

I hope you can fix the bugs and add some of my ideas in the next versions.