Call is muted


Apr 23, 2011
This happened to me with the last version too.. Before flashing I did dalvik wipe, and cache wipe, but haven't done full wipe because it is pain in the a** to do that every friday. When flashed new version, I am able to make a phone call but can't hear the other side, nor the other side can hear me... Can anyone explain what is the problem, and can i flash new version without need for full wipe everytime?

Thanks :)

p.s. after full wipe, everything works perfectly :)
I've had the same and got my answer about it just a few minutes ago at XDA:
this happens because of the theme you are using, it will happen with any theme that modify the phone app.. to fix just do that:
go to Settings-> Call Settings -> 3rd party activation ON
i've mentioned this to foxtail who develops the theme app in the Chinese official team. I'm hoping he can figure out what's needed. I'm assuming just giving the theme manager permissions to access the phone data without interference from security methods for third party access.

I'll see what comes this week by way of reply from him, hopefully they will sort it out soon. I have faith in them.