Can't access Voicemail - [12.24] [EVO 4g]


Jan 3, 2011
I've also posted this in the "EVO 4G" forum, in case this is an issue regarding only Evos and not the entire ROM.

Howdy folks. I'm hoping some of your brilliant minds can help me figure out this situation I'm having.

I've been running MIUI pretty successfully now for a few days. Haven't had any issues or anything, that is until tonight.

Apparently I can't access my voicemail.

Here's what happens:

1: Someone leaves a voicemail.

2: I don't get a notification, but I get a text message with this message:
"//ANDROID: 504******* has sent you a Sprint Voice Message. Call 408-970-0000. MMSN, 1069fbc14,3126,V69uRMsB7VI//CM

(those stars are actually #s of the phone number calling me)

whenever someone leaves a message the numbers are different, but they always start with MMSN, and end with //CM

3: I call the number and it says this: "Our records indicate thht you are calling from an MMS maybe it says FMS? voice messaging equipped handset. If you have recently purchased a new handset that does not contain this feature, press one. otherwise press two. I press two Thank you, your messages will continue to be sent to your handset. Thank you for calling.

4: I try pressing 1, and dialing voicemail, and I get this message: "the feature code you have entered is not valid. message 1 switch 1244" - I've tried dialing *86, or my own # and it doesn't work. When I dial my own number I get what sounds like a fax machine.

I'm not sure what happens when someone calls and leaves a message from another service provider such as AT&T.

So here's what I'm running.

PRL Version : 60674
MEID: A1000013700863
Baseband Version:
Kernel Version: root@paris-laptop #3
Build #: MIUI.0.12.24

I've google and googled, but all I can find is stuff about the phantom voice mail notification. I found one guy who had the same issue on an incredible, but no one replied to his thread.

Any ideas? Thanks guys/gals.


Jan 3, 2011
ok, I figured it out. So for the sake of everyone that isn't totally clear, which I'm sure some people aren't, here's what you do:

You need to check your voicemail via google voice, not the normal sprint voice mail.

- Download Google Voice from the market
- When the dialer opens, go to your settings via the menu button
- go to "voice mail" and select "google voice" as the VM service.
- it will give you a popup that says to configure. Dial the number provided, and set up your stuff there.
- it asked me for a PIN#. I didn't create one before, so I just made on up, and that worked.

It seemed to work, and luckily I haven't gotten the "phantom voicemail" issue yet.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


Jan 25, 2011
Yea I dial the number but my phone just hangs up instantly. Any idea what's going on?

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Feb 12, 2011
Yeah same here I call the number and it makes some beeps and ends after three seconds

Anyone know what's wrong here works anyways. Just got a voicemail and it popped up

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