Resolved [crespo] GPS Problem

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Jun 24, 2012
MiuiAndroid 2.6.29 and later versions of all of South Korea's GPS information is not being recognized properly.
Map and weather-related apps do not work correctly, so please note
Hi, I got same error with miui 2.7.6
what guys say to do is to install LocationNetwork.apk from an older version.
It worked to me.

this link will help you to understand the bug

try to get the LocationNetwork.apk from an onder version of crespo where gps worked fine.. and then install in you actual version

below is the step-by-step I did to fix my gps...
  1. Download one of these apps, either Super Manager or Root Explorer.I am using Super Manager.
  2. Open Super Manager, go to File manager screen within the app. click menu->settings->setup root
  3. Now it will ask for root permission to this app, click allow.
  4. Now browse to the folder where you downloaded the NetworkLocation.apk.
  5. select the file & click copy (in the bottom bar)
  6. now go back to root of your phone "/" (keep pressing back button untill you reach "/" shown on the top left)
  7. now go to /system, it will ask ways to mount, select R/W option
  8. got o /System/app and delete the NetworkLocation.apk here
    Paste the file and reboot.You are done
You should keep a copy of that networklocation.apk, for future releases ;)

And maybe search the forum first..this has been the 6th thread about the gps...:eek:
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hi guys just found an app which solves the problem too, Faster Fix from the app market works a treat, before it took up to 5 minuts to get a gps lock and now 3-5 seconds.
Tried the networklocation.apk and faster fix and still have this dreaded problem.
Gps works fine on other roms...
Whats wrng vid gps thing,,mnths ago it used to giv vry accurate location,,but now it isn't that accurate,,it shows the location 3-4 km there any1 has the solution??
Guys just use the program 'FasterFix'. It can be found on the Google Play.
You have to set your country and the GPS will work fine.
What's wrong with your spelling? :confused: As you may have read, Miui replaced Google location service with baidu. Now, Miuiandroid made a fix that they apply, that's why it's on north America. Use the solution above.

Just read a bit first..
NetworkLocation is just the GEO apk used. It uses Google binaries which doesn't really have a preset location. Last time I checked our gps.conf, it was set to Europe. Which can easily be changed via Fasterfix. This is a downfall of releasing a ROM that is used on all 7 continents.
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