Desire Z - 1.6.24 bugs

Mateusz Pyrka

Jun 30, 2011
Hi there. First of all great job. This the most beautifull mod i found for DZ. It's even better than Sense UI :p

on the other hand i have found some bugs.

1. battery drain. with CPU set on 800 MHz battery life lasts about 15 hrs... too low i think. I use stock lockscreen. On sense roms froyo i had about 30 hrs.

2. Received call lag. it's back. i have to use dewonkifikator app. If someone calls me, i pick the call and for about 3 seconds my mic is off. after that person who calls me starts to hear me.

3. Music. Everything is cool but from time to time sound dissapears for about half second. It happens on miui app, winamp, power amp lite and mixzing app. dunno why?

4. DSP manager? where is it? maybe not a bug but i miss it.

for now that is all. i installed this rom after using Superwipe+, flashing Radio. Everything Else is working great. GPS fixes ultra fast, there are no network issues. If there is possibility fo fix these issues above it would be a perfect and fast rom :))