Destroyed volume rocker on Xiami Mi 11 lite 5G?


Dec 4, 2023
First, I broke the power button. I replaced it, but couldn't find any glue that would hold the lid... Until I tried Gorilla Glue, which just expanded until it ruined the power button and the volume rocker, and seemed to cause some shorting that went away once I pulled the lid back off. There appears to be no documentation or info available on the volume button or the ribbon cable, nor are any replacement parts for volume sold. Is that volume ribbon cable a goner? I was able to turn the phone back on using a flat-head screwdriver on the volume up on the ribbon, but the rocker itself might be unrecoverable. Is it? Also, I don't understand where the ribbon cable is going to. Do I need to tear off the motherboard and get under it?


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