Dialer Location Settings


Apr 11, 2012
Hi there

Firstly thank you for an incredible ROM. My S2 has never looked better :)

I have a quick question regarding the location settings in the dialer. I would like it to show the location of an incoming/outgoing call, however this only shows if I dial the number in international format (e.g. +44 1332 xxxxxx). If I dial the number as standard (01332 xxxxxx) it doesn't show the location, it just shows 'unknown'.

The same is true for inbound numbers. The network only sends the number in format 01332 xxxxxx, so the location is not displayed. However, international calls come in as +32 x xxxxxxx for example, so the location is displayed.

I presume there is somewhere I need to change a setting to make this happen, but I have tried everywhere I've seen and not found anything that affects this. I'm sure this is user error on my part somewhere!

Thanks in advance for any assistance :)