Display won't resume during phone calls


May 28, 2011
When I'm on a call, the proximity sensor turns the screen off, as expected. If I try to use my phone during a call (check calendar, texts, etc.), the display won't resume. Instead, it might turn on very briefly (< 1 second) but usually not at all. Pressing the power button seems to do nothing and the fingerprint sensor also won't read my fingerprint to unlock. This also means I can't hang up from calls usually, have to wait for the other person.

My current workaround is to go into accessibility settings and turn on the option to use the power button to terminate calls, but this is less than ideal, especially if I need to interact with my phone during a call. Note: I'm using the Google Phone app (and not the Xiaomi dialer), which doesn't have the setting to disable the proximity sensor. Has anyone else run into this? Are there better workarounds/fixes?

Device: Mi 10 Pro (M2001J1C/CMI). OS version: MIUI 12.6/21.5.12 beta.
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