don't you think adoptable storage is strage?


Jul 30, 2020
This is the first time ever I am using adoptable storage. This post is not about any problems with it - it is working just fine as intended. It's just that it is working differently on different devices, or maybe it evolved over time?

Anyway, my adoptable storage is not accessible on PC (when connected with the phone). My internal storage is still the same size it originally was. I cannot move files from or to this location using the PC's file browser. I've seen older videos on YouTube which show off adoptable storage and there the device appears as one internal storage partition formed from both internal and adopted storage.

I cannot set any storage preferences so I need to manually move files to the adopted storage. This is surprising, as you would most likely use your adopted storage to store your camera files, for example.

Also, all my applications are still stored on internal storage. I cannot move them to adopted storage.

I am very surprised of these design choices. I was expecting to use adoptable storage as preferred location for certain tasks, to allow me storing more of whatever I am running out of space on. The use of adoptable storage, as it is implemented now is very limited.

What are your thoughts on this, how are you taking advantage of adoptable storage?

- MIUI Global 11.0.4 Stable
- Android 10
- Redmi Note 9s