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  1. F

    Updating miui on redmi note 5

    Hi, I am using the Redmi Note 5 for quite a while but unfortunately, I recently broke the screen. I didn't want to bother choosing a new model so I bought a new redmi note 5. The problem is it came with miui 10. My current doesn't have a problem updating miui, but the new doesn't detect one I've...
  2. F

    [Mi 10] Downgrade from 12.2.10 (EU Rom) to 11.0.25 (EU ROM) possible?

    I have a Mi 10 umi. Currently Xiaomi EU Rom MIUI 12.2.10 (stable) is installed, it is running on Android 11. But i really liked MIUI 11 and would like to go back to that. I think official software is hard there, because of ARP, but can i downgrade via TWRP if i wipe all my data? I would choose...
  3. R

    Updating from MIUI 11 to 12 beta.

    I have Redmi Note 5 Pro and would like to update it from MIUI 11 | 20.3.26 to MIUI 12 | 20.6.18. I already have TWRP installed, but was wondering if there were any steps I needed to take first before flashing. Any help is appreciated, thank you in advance.
  4. Leo Xu

    Redmi 9

    Is there any one using Redmi 9? I tried to find the Redmi 9 but it is not listed on the list... And by the way, is there any possibility to update to MIUI 12? I am still using MIUI11, and it is the latest one on this phone...
  5. A

    Invalid Mi 9 Won't let me turn the volume up!

    I got a Mi 9 running MIUI Global 11.0.9. I had no complaints from my phone so far as it ran problem-free. Till today. So here's the deal. It won't let me turn the volume up. Either the phone just won't respond or when i actually succeed to turn the volume up, the bar automatically goes down all...
  6. M

    How to update Note 9 proEU From 11.0.2 to 11.0.7

    So I have installed "xiaomi.eu_multi_HMNote9ProEU_V11.0.2.0.QJZMIXM_v11-10-fastboot"\ and I need to update To 11.0.7 But this version doesn't have a fastboot script My phone Code name is "Joyese" Edit:- I have successfully done it But I had to upgrade to every version from 11.0.2 to...
  7. R

    don't you think adoptable storage is strage?

    This is the first time ever I am using adoptable storage. This post is not about any problems with it - it is working just fine as intended. It's just that it is working differently on different devices, or maybe it evolved over time? Anyway, my adoptable storage is not accessible on PC (when...
  8. C

    Bug look screen redmi 8a

    Excuse me friends I have a problem, when I put a pin for the screen lock, when I try to unlock the device I get that the pin is wrong and I have to delete the device again. in the latest update on redmi 8a
  9. E

    Mi Roaming (eSIM) no longer works on Patched MIUI 11 & MIUI 12 ROM

    Hi everyone! This thread is similar to another thread posted in 2018: https://xiaomi.eu/community/threads/mi-roaming.44410/ Mi Roaming is an APK offered by Xiaomi that enables fairly cheap eSIM plans for international travels. It is not present in the patched MIUI builds as it can be considered...
  10. C

    Instalé MIUI 11 xiaomi.eu mi 9T y eliminó los sensores de giroscopio y proximidad

    Hace unos 3 días instalé Xiaomi.eu, y hoy me di cuenta, que había eliminado los sensores de giroscopio y proximidad o al menos no me detecta, ya que instalé una aplicación y no me reconoce ninguno de los 2 anteriores, me di cuenta cuando quería ver un vídeo en Youtube, cuando quería salir de un...
  11. S

    Can't install System apps from unofficial channel

    I tried to install new system launcher with new full screen gesture which find on chinese mi forums And when I tried to installed it "Can't install System apps from unofficial channel" appears Some people suggested use default browser and file manager to install it, but no luck... Can somebody...
  12. E

    When will Xiaomi.eu support joy ui 11 that based on miui 11?

    When will Xiaomi.eu support joy ui 11 that based on miui 11? As we know now, there is joyui 11 chinese for black shark phone, did xiaomi.eu will support and release joy ui 11 rom for black shark phone?
  13. S

    Invalid Fail to play next songs on Poweramp everytime I clear memory on task manager

    I have my Pocophone F1 6GB Ram version (updated to current MIUI 11 Global 11.0.4) and have been using it for a month. Everything was good apart from this frustrating problem... I understood one way to prevent MIUI from closing background apps is to mark the "lock" icon from task manager. I...
  14. T

    New AOD "Outer Space" Animation off by 12 Hours

    I'm using the "outer space" ambient display animation on my 9T Pro with MIUI11. Initially all worked well but after a few days the animation was offset by 12 Hours (i.e. sunrise at 18:00). After going back and forth randomly changing languages/time zones/locations/timeformat(12hrs;24hrs)/turning...
  15. extpumajl

    New Mi9 | 20.1.4 | DND Bug

    I have noticed this issue a long time ago, just after release of the first MIUI 11 beta for Mi 9. Scheduled dnd turns off when you delete any app or delete app cache. Here is the video:
  16. Tomelis

    Problems: Battery Drain Fast, MIUI (Google) Dialer, Contacts. (Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro) How to fix?

    Dear Xiaomi users, I have changed my old Xiaomi mobile to the new one Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro everything would be great – specs. and everything else. I really like many products of Xiaomi company, but I wouldn't even have thought I'd have so much troubles with my new Mi 9T Pro. There is some very...
  17. Poney70

    [ 9.12.12 and later ] [ Mi 9T and others ] Widevine is L3 now...

    Hello, the thread's title says all... Widevine was L1 in 9.12.5 and below on my Mi 9T but is L3 in 9.12.12. :( EDIT: Widevine L1 patch is available! See #14 :) EDIT 2: Widevine L1 is back in 20.1.21 beta ROM update for Mi 9T/Mi 9T Pro and others maybe!
  18. F

    Xiaomi Mi 6X will receive Android 10?

    I noticed that the phone Xiaomi Mi 8Lite received, I hope the Mi 6X too.
  19. Thepepe312


    Hello, I have been reporting the sensor bug for a long time, since in the Xiaomi .eu ROM there are no drivers of multiple essential sensors for day-to-day use of the phone. here attached an image
  20. F

    New An old bug has not yet been fixed in the Miui 11 Beta for Xiaomi Mi 6X

    The error is as follows: Choosing the sound of photo 3 as the default alarm sound in the settings (see photo 3) does not sound when the alarm sounds / rings, another tone sounds. This error has happened to several versions of Miui 11 Beta and stable for Xiaomi Mi 6X.