Apr 2, 2011
Well, just wanted to get this cleared once and for all.
It is said the emojis work on official devices, can i see some screenshots of it in action please? :)

I'm doing an unofficial port, but i can't get them to show in the stock mms app.
I tried extracting/decompiling/comparing from different devices from here, but i can't find any (significant) difference between those and my own build..

In bools.xml from the Mms.apk i changed this string <bool name="enable_emoji">false</bool>, with the value true, but still no luck. Only thing that does is that you can now select/view the 3 last tabs of the "smiley" menu.. But no emojis show up on those pages.

(The first 2 tabs are just "regular" text smileys and some symbols, but not emoji)

In th GB days, those emojis were simply pngs in the framework, but that's not how it works anymore :(

And NO, i won't use various 3rd party MMS apps, i want to find out WHY i can't get it to work in the stock one..

All the font hacks around are not the way to go either, unless someone figures out how to make them in color..