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Jun 11, 2016
I recently returned to the latest xiaomi 12.1 weekly (polaris) and ran into an issue with excessive data usage. Already twice in the past month I had a sudden huge data usage (last week 1.5GB, today 700MB in just a few hours). In both cases, the data usage indicator in the notification panel shows the huge data usage:

However, if I want to check the details, the data usage stats shows very little data usage:

There thus seems to be some "invisible" data usage happening in the background that is not correctly tracked by MIUI. If I check with my mobile provide, it does report the 700MB, so that number seems to be correct.

The only app actively used by myself on 4G is Duolingo (also on top of the data usage list shown by MIUI) - both today and last week when I had excessive data usage, but I'm not sure this is coincidence (as I also often use it on 4G without problems).

Any of you have ever had a similar issue?

The same actually happened several times to me earlier this year, running xiaomi 11 weeklies, so it doesn't seem to be MIUI12 specific.
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