First ROM released for MIPAD 4


Oct 7, 2018
Hello, can any kind soul here test if MapleStory M can be played on this ROM? I'm still waiting for the bootloader unlock and the stock ROM refuses to let me play the game because it doesn't support China services. Thanks in advance!


i finally got the MiPad4 unlocked today and the latest version booted up after flashing with TWRP.

I dont have the time to check for bugs ... but at least it boots (nowdays thats an achivement for xiaomi.ei [*Redmi6]...).

The Themes App is missing even the offical MIUI Themes !!!



May 5, 2019
Can anybody confirm if Family Link (for children and teens - can finish setup process and is working with a child account on Mi Pad 4 EU ROM?
I installed today, because google family did not work with the original ROM. Unfortunately it doesn't work with the EU Rom, too.
On the page: Choose an account ... There is the message: An error occured.

Is there any good ROM for die MI PAD 4, on which google family control works?

Edit: I installed:
and google family link works just fine.
Edit 2: The say, that gapps are installed in Pixel Experience. With this ROM that is not correct. The playstore was there, but e.g. no Youtube. So installed die stock gapps for Android 9 with TWPR an now (!) it looks fine.
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