1. J

    Mi 9t pro brightness slider

    I'm having a bug with the phone running miui 12.6 (21.11.24/25), where I have to set the brightness twice for it to take effect. First time sliding does nothing and it reverts to the position it had before that. Does anyone know which version this bug was introduced and how far back I should go...
  2. J

    Increase Memory/RAM Extension Limit

    Do you know we can Increase Memory Extension Limit in MIUI? As all MIUI 12.5 users know, there is a feature called “RAM/Memory Extension”, which adds a little bit more RAM technically to the system and makes it run better. There’s a way to modify that value. What is Memory Extension in MIUI...
  3. C

    New Touch screen not working after locking with Button.

    I've a Mi 9 pro 5G using the 12.6 MIUI and when I lock the screen using the button and unlock the screen directly by fingerprint, the touch screen doesn't work. It will only work if I lock the screen again, double tap to turn on the screen and use the fingerprint. If I lock using the button and...
  4. D

    Notification Icons (Issue) - Poco F3

    Hi, I recently bought a Poco F3 and something that bugs the hell out of me is the notification icons, that they are in different shapes and sizes, which also causes the text in the notifications to not align to each other (see the image below). Is there any way to make this universal, so that...
  5. R

    OTA Mi 10 Ultra (Miui 12.0.15)

    Hello, I'm new to Xiaomi world, and i want to understand some points : I have a Xiaomi 10 Ultra with MIUI 12.0.15.QJJCNXM Stable by xiaomi.eu installed by the Trandingshenzen + TWRP 3.4.2b-0623 wzsx150 Today i received an OTA notification for the update to I need some...
  6. mexicanguy

    Is there a way to enable layered icons on the redmi k20-mi 9t?

    I would like to know if there is a magisk module or something to enable the icons to be layered as shown in the video link below. Look that in the first betas of miui 12 in the redmi k20 if it incorporated that option but in the last betas no longer. Thanks in advance
  7. G

    Installed xiaomi eu 12.2.7 a weeks ago and today i made the reboot to update to 12.2.8

    But it gets me to fastboot all the time and if i flash the twrp and try get into recovery only boot into fastboot and if it make it boot to system dont work its bricked but i achieved to boot using fastboot boot twrp.img and then click on reboot system and it works so I cant update and if i...
  8. SAngeli

    Mi 8 - MIUI12 - Contacts address field issue

    Hi, I have a Huawei Tablet, a Xiaomi Mi 8 smrtphone and Microsoft Outlook. I sink all my contacts via Gmail. Lately, I noticed that someone is changing the way I have contat’s address recorded. Here is an example to better explain. The correct way for me I record an address on Outlook is this...
  9. robnijhof

    [Tutorial] POCOPHONE F1: replace EXT4 filesystem of cache and data partitions with F2FS

    Hi guys, I was looking if it was possible to change the default filesystem EXT4 to F2FS on the POCO F1. I read it could give some performance improvements in terms of phone startup speed and launch speed of apps. Just simply changing the filesystem of cache and data partitions to F2FS in TWRP...
  10. G

    Very Low Volume on bluetooth speakers and earphones

    Using Mi 8, MIUI from Xiaomi.eu (obviously) and Comparing to MIUI Global and AOSP Custom ROM on other Mi 8 and mines too, the sound on Xiaomi.eu ROM is so low. I know that it is low for the European regulations but I really want my sound volume back to normal. Any idea how to do it? Is...
  11. Slashh

    Can't share gallery photos

    I have a brand new MI 10T Pro and I can't access gallery items from any external app. Whenever I try to share a picture on whatsapp, facebook, Instagram I get an error. Even browsing the File Manager, the camera folder is empty. All the apps have access to the device's storage.
  12. G

    Does xiaomi eu have got more stable?

    I tried to update some weeks ago and my phone got bootloop and i tried to flash it and also bootloop so i downgrade to 12.0.8 and i want to know if i can update or its still buggy
  13. M

    FIXED! Mi 10T lite lag after I accidentally set ro reinstall again original version 12.0.1. eu

    FIXED! I did first located the problem.. the thing was that some apps did not shown120Hz mode.. then I did found a precise problem on youtube, I restored the refresh rate to 60Hz, went into the application settings and went through the application data for battery consumption, deleted all data...
  14. C

    Redmi 9 EEA MIUI12

    I want to know when will get to MIUI12 Europe version for the Redmi 9
  15. abhi281

    Mi Unlock Waiting Period

    Hello, I am using Redmi K30 5G and going to flash xiaomi.eu ROM into it. Mi Unlock Tool showing me that "Can't unlock bootloader, you need to wait 168 hours before unlock..." 1) So I need to try to unlock bootloader again after 7 days or is there any workaround to unlock now? 2) Will I be...
  16. abhi281

    Redmi K30 5G Query

    Hello, I am using Redmi K30 5G with latest MIUI 12.1.1 China ROM. I want to unlock my bootloader and flash xiaomi.eu ROM. But I am bit confused about this ROM and I have certain queries: 1) If I ever go to mainland China (I'm a traveler and visit China sometimes) will xiaomi.eu ROM work there...
  17. christosletsios

    How to install MIUI 12 on Redmi Note 6 Pro (Tulip)?

    Can someone help me with installing the MIUI 12 ROM on Redmi Note 6 Pro?
  18. psydex

    [Battery drain issue] Device always awake

    Hello everyone! Ever since I updated to MIUI12 - my battery is draining like hell! I'm getting 3-4h of SoT at most, where 6-7h before this issue occured! After further inspection I noticed device is always being awake even at night when wifi/data is turned OFF. (see screenshot). This issue is...
  19. A

    New [] Microphone doesn't work when using the main speaker on Mi 9

    Hi, When I try to make a call using any application (the phone application, Signal, Discord, Whatsapp), the microphone doesn't work when I use the external loudspeaker. If I turn it off and use the internal loudspeaker, it works again. Does anyone have a solution to this problem? Thanks
  20. C

    New Connection problems wen sharing internet with the mi band 5 pared.

    Hello I have the new Mi Band 5, and the Mi 9T phone. I need to use the access point of my phone to share internet with one table. But wen I use my Mi Band 5, the internet connection is very very unstable. It's practically impossible to use the internet on the tablet. What is the correct or...