FM Radio random crash


Sep 23, 2011

I have been using MIUI for a couple of months now, updating with every release in the hope this issue will go away but it persisits.

The FM Radio just stops sometimes. It seems to anything that I can figure out so fare, ie to notifications or incoming sms or wifi etc.

I can hear notifications and incoming sms tone while the radio is playing, this seems fine, but sometimes upon notification the radio stops.

If the radio is playing in the background and I go to the notification drop down and choose the fm notification the process of bringing the radio to the front stops it, and it has to start up again and you see the message saying so.
It seems very rare that I get an actual FC message, although I may not see it, when I do see FC i usually have to restart phone to make fm work again. The fm notification remains in the notfication drop down even when the radio has stopped.

I listen to the radio while cycling (and showering afterward) so this is very frustrating, having to stop riding to turn radio back on.

I do not know if this is a Defy only issue or if it is MIUI in general.

Has anyone else experienced such issues? Any ideas on how to test or fix this?

Any ideas at all on how to fix this? It is driving me nuts, radio just stops. This is very inconvenient while cycling.
FM random crash, captured log file.


I managed to run logcat right after the FM radio quit for no reason.
11-17 12:28:42.671 I/ActivityManager(2112): No longer want com.miui.fmradio:remote (pid 16922): hidden #16
11-17 12:28:42.725 D/RadioMainActivity(16974): From FM ui, FM radio service layer disconnected
11-17 12:28:42.725 W/ActivityManager(2112): Scheduling restart of crashed service com.miui.fmradio/.FMRadioPlayerService in 5000ms
11-17 12:28:42.741 I/FMRadio_Logs(16974):  Enter JNI fmradio_powerOff
11-17 12:28:42.741 I/FMRadio:fmradioserver(17009): FMRadioStackService::powerOffDevice()
11-17 12:28:42.741 E/FMRadio:fmradioserver(17009): permissionString =
11-17 12:28:42.741 E/FMRadio:fmradioserver(17009): ok = 1
11-17 12:28:43.303 I/FMRadio:fmradioserver(17009): FMRadioStackService::fm_int_handler(10, 1, 0, (null))
11-17 12:28:43.303 V/FMRadioPlayerClient(16974): notify callback java fmradio
11-17 12:28:43.303 V/RadioPlayer(16974): value =
11-17 12:28:43.303 V/FMRadioPlayerClient(16974): notify back from callback
11-17 12:28:44.319 I/ServiceManager(1973): service 'fmradio.stack' died
11-17 12:28:44.319 I/ActivityManager(2112): No longer want com.miui.fmradio (pid 16974): hidden #16
11-17 12:28:44.342 I/WindowManager(2112): WIN DEATH: Window{41090300 com.miui.fmradio/com.miui.fmradio.FMRadioMain paused=true}
11-17 12:28:47.733 I/ActivityManager(2112): Start proc com.miui.fmradio:remote for service com.miui.fmradio/.FMRadioPlayerService: pid=19190 uid=1000 gids={3002, 3001, 3003}
11-17 12:28:52.960 W/ActivityManager(2112): Activity destroy timeout for HistoryRecord{41148af8 com.miui.fmradio/.FMRadioMain}

Hopefully this helps to shed some light on the topic.

I have the unfiltered log of this, but can not figure how to upload yet (ah, chromium-browser can't do it)


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FM Radio woes continue.

I still experience a fm radio crash about once a day. Possibly the most annoying bug in MIUI for me.

01-23 09:08:29.159 I/ActivityManager(10582): No longer want (pid 28359): hidden #16
01-23 09:08:30.526 I/ActivityManager(10582): No longer want com.miui.fmradio:remote (pid 28147): hidden #16
01-23 09:08:30.541 W/ActivityManager(10582): Scheduling restart of crashed service com.miui.fmradio/.FMRadioPlayerService in 5000ms
01-23 09:08:32.151 I/ActivityManager(10582): No longer want com.miui.fmradio (pid 28138): hidden #16
01-23 09:08:32.182 I/WindowManager(10582): WIN DEATH: Window{411f3198 com.miui.fmradio/com.miui.fmradio.FMRadioMain paused=true}
01-23 09:08:35.549 I/ActivityManager(10582): Start proc com.miui.fmradio:remote for service com.miui.fmradio/.FMRadioPlayerService: pid=29177 uid=1000 gids={3002, 3001, 3003}
01-23 09:08:40.807 W/ActivityManager(10582): Activity destroy timeout for HistoryRecord{4114d7f8 com.miui.fmradio/.FMRadioMain}

I can still not find any rhyme or reason. I have attached a larger "adb logcat -v time" in a zip.

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I am happy to run any additional tests to help anyone with the skill to have a look at this.