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Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Dragon_son, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. Dragon_son


    Aug 22, 2011
    I'm use miui from version 1.9.30 to 2.2.17, i chose automatic recordings call, and some time, when i answer call, it force close and i much reboot, some time i much open battery

    please fix this bug

    my device Motorola Defy

    Thanks !
  2. This happens to me too on Defy. At first I had 2.2.17 and now I have 2.3.23.
    When I answer it happens a lot of times that the call freeze and force close. After that I don't have any signal and I must reboot the phone.
    It is a very bad thing because I must be able to use it as a phone but I can't...

    Later Edit: Once happend that thing to my data connections... An application for messanging stopped working because I have no more connectivity and then I can't use 3G connection anymore for any other app without a reboot.
  3. MarkHUK

    MarkHUKFounder & Sys Op
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    Please provide the error report when you get the FC appearing there is a Report to MIUI option, press this, go to the send screen, scroll up where you see the to: and change this to your email address.

    Get the email, copy this to (only the error part) and then put the link to your paste here for analysis. We're happy to look into genuine issues if we have the right information to work with. I do not have the device so logs is the only way I can diagnose the error without the phone infront of me.


  4. It happened again, "the process" has stopped working BUT there wasn't any option to Report to MIUI. Just "Force Close" and "Wait". After some wait I tapped on Force Close and the screen goes off but the proximity sensor was on (red light) but it doesn't to anything. After some time when I tried to move my finger above the sensor the screen comes on and the message with "process" appears again then I stopped it with Force Close.
    After that I don't have any signal (the signal bars are with an X on it) and I can't make any call, send any SMS without rebooting the phone.

    I want to send a report and I looked for "Report to MIUI" option but it wasn't there... I don't know what to say or what to do...If there is any method to help you with that bug or what is it, please let me know.

    Thank You!
  5. MarkHUK

    MarkHUKFounder & Sys Op
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    have you cleared Phone data or full system data with the 2.4.6 ROM? If not, please try that.
  6. I have 2.3.23 version and the updater doesn't find the 2.46 automatically so I stayed with that 2.3.23 version.
    No, I haven't cleared all that when I was updating from 2.2.17 to 2.3.23 but when I installed 2.2.17 I did it "clean", I cleared everything and the problem was still there.

    Anyway, I will install 2.4.6 and I will clear phone data/cache/dalvik, what I need to be just fine and I will come back to say if it is ok or not.
  7. I reinstalled Froyo 2.2 with RDS Lite and after that MIUI 2.4.6. After that I have some problems with proximity sensor like before but everything else is OK now, the dialer/caller aplication doesn't crash anymore, it seems to be like it should be. I hope be like that in the future too. :)

    Thank you MarkHUK! I think that this problem is gone now. Maybe it was some weird software problems, I don't know.
  8. viethalweapon

    May 24, 2013
    I have a motorola triumph that I cleared data/reset through CWM then loaded ROM. Everything works well except I cannot answer any incoming calls. It FC's every time. Any suggestions? I don't believe it can load a later version than 2.4.20 on my triumph?

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