Framework-res To Override Auto Brightness Values

Discussion in 'Mi General' started by Wizard84, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. Wizard84


    Jun 29, 2017
    Hi! I'm trying to modify the levels of auto brightness, I've found a method to do this by creating framework-res ( .zip) with "theme_values.xml" inside and values I've got from framework-res.apk (\res\values\values.xml)... (...method found by searching "[MIUI Device Team] Fix Redmi Note 3 automatic brightness (SD/MTK)" - i can't post links yet) But is not working! I think something was modified in MIUI 8.6 and the automatic brightness is not reading values set in framework-res.apk . Can someone help me find a solution to modify the levels of automatic brightness?
    Thank you!

    phone: Redmi PRO, MIUI 8.6 (7.6.10)

    *in the screenshots you can see the big difference in screen backlight on a slight increase/decrease in ambient light. The first backlight value is 9 and the next one is 69!! at a sensor reading of +/- 2 lux of ambient light! It's very annoying when the screen dims to much and then it lights up like a torch in your eyes!

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