Framework-res To Override Auto Brightness Values

Jun 29, 2017
Hi! I'm trying to modify the levels of auto brightness, I've found a method to do this by creating framework-res ( .zip) with "theme_values.xml" inside and values I've got from framework-res.apk (\res\values\values.xml)... (...method found by searching "[MIUI Device Team] Fix Redmi Note 3 automatic brightness (SD/MTK)" - i can't post links yet) But is not working! I think something was modified in MIUI 8.6 and the automatic brightness is not reading values set in framework-res.apk . Can someone help me find a solution to modify the levels of automatic brightness?
Thank you!

phone: Redmi PRO, MIUI 8.6 (7.6.10)

*in the screenshots you can see the big difference in screen backlight on a slight increase/decrease in ambient light. The first backlight value is 9 and the next one is 69!! at a sensor reading of +/- 2 lux of ambient light! It's very annoying when the screen dims to much and then it lights up like a torch in your eyes!