In Progress Gnex freezing regularly (2.3.23 and .16)


Mar 21, 2012
So I've started using MIUI V4 two weeks ago on my galaxy nexus, and on both versions I tried (.23 and .16) I have been having A LOT of screen freezing, where I can do absolutely nothing but remove the battery. I usually get those freezes when scrolling between homepages or when swiping down the notification bar. Is this a known issue?

Thank you

Edit: I just noticed that I have a notification (led is flashing), however I cannot turn on the screen!
PS. Strange thing to ask, try removing the SD card and see how the performance is for say 10 minutes compared to when it is in the device and report back so we can track this issue. Others have reported it, however equally we've got people using the ROM happily without any problems.

Be good to find the cause of the issue. No blame involved, lets just get it fixed one way or another :)
Hi Mark,

Yes all the methods for waking the device are failing, I have to remove the battery when it happens.
The galaxy nexus does not have an SD card.
Apart from the freezing, I am happy with the performance.
I would like to help to find the cause, I will whatever I can.
Any chance of running logcat on the device to gather some log info? or look in /system/dropbox for files, if they are there let me know and i will tell you which ones we need for debugging the issues.

I didn't the system/dropbox directory, however I ran alogcat. I attached the log file, hope it helps.



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