Hongmi 1S FolderMount - Link folders and app from internal to external SD

Jun 3, 2014
Here is a temporary solution for the problem with Hongmi 1S and saving only on the internal card

- Requires open ROOT ( if you do not know how open ROOT, look it to this post here )
- Download the application FolderMount or on Google Play ( Free version, if you which more options you need to buy )
- Install the app and run

- In the " List of pairs " and add the " + " a new link between the " Source " (internal ) and "Destination " (external ) memory .

- The same thing you can do with applications ... example Zedge , first in the " Apps analyzer " make a connection . Then since " Zedge " uses a folder called " Zedge " to store everything you download , by default, this folder will make in internal memory, but if the folder connects to external memory, everything will be saved in the external memory

- The files will appear in both memory . This is normal because the files that you see in your internal memory is actually located on the external memory .

- In the main menu, then click on the pins that everything works ( must be green as in the picture )


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May 23, 2014
I am already using it, at the moment, working fine. I do have one question. If I had linked a folder of an app to SD, can I unistall it directly without unmonting it?
Mar 20, 2012
Hey, just wanted to clarify....

So is there no way to save camera images and install apps direct to SD card without root? And rooting messes up OTA updates doesn't it?