Hotspot Issue (leo Stock Rom)


Dec 8, 2017
Hi all
got my leo early 2017 and since then struggling with the same hotspot issue along all the rom updates and
wondering I'm the only: turning on the hotspot, wifi connected well and no internet...
then >Settings >SIM Card settings >(active SIM) >Preferred network type
switch 3G to LTE and back a few times (2-3x) and then hotspot does work
you might get a message that "there is no internet connection" on the phone itself
and sometimes you gotta switch off and on the mobile data as well to get the hotspot work
once hotspot eventually switched off mobile data gotta be switched off and on again to recover internet on the phone
same process for both sim slots
i thought this would have been sorted out with version updates... hoped for MIUI 9 as well unfortunately not the case
since the idea about the fix came from another forum (quite a time ago, don't remember which one) it's probably not carrier specific? I'm currently on Vodafone and the same issue in different countries across Europe when roaming looks like systemic
Any thoughts???