How can i update the ROM without losing my settings and data and apps? Possible?


Jun 23, 2011
hi guys
i downloaded miui rom v1.6.17 for desire gsm a few days ago and now i want to update it without losing my data, so i want to know if i can just flash the new rom without wiping data (do i need to wipe cache?) or maybe i can use ota update in xda forums(link below)?

First of all I recommend doing a full nandroid backup using the ROM manager.
Start the phone in recovery mode and do these steps:

1) Format cache
2) Advanced> Format Dalvik Cache
3) Install the deoxed version of the new ROM
4) Reboot phone and allow it to load fully
5) Restart and run step 1 and 2.
6) Install the language pack
7) Restart phone.

I have been doing this for every ROM update and I have had no issues. It keeps everything including your data as you left it.
I do i much easyer:

1. Start phone in recovery mode
2. Format cache
3. Install the new rom from zip
4. Install the language pack from zip
5. Reboot phone

It works everytime
thanks guys!
BTW guys i have another question regarding this issue. if i flash new version as you told me, should i flash packages like CM7_Hboot_MIUI_MOD or RTL-Persian again? cause i'm using CM7 hboot and im a persian user and currently i have flashed these packages.
The Hboot thing no, that only needs to be done once to get you a more "decent" boot loader.

No idea how the RTL-Persian mod works so I can't tell you anything about that one.