How I can reverse flash TWRP on Boot


Mar 18, 2023
I have a "Poco F3" with a rom of one of the MIUI13 versions (from and I wanted to update to MIUI14, but for some reason, I think I misunderstood and that I had to do the update through TWRP, but for some reason I didn't have TWRP and I get it, so I searched on internet and I find this command "fastboot flash boot twrp.img" and I didn't think too much and I did it, but of course, now the phone can't boot anymore that TWRP always starts. Is there some method to "reverse" it or at least be able to access the internal storage and backup the data? (I think they are encrypted, since the sdcard folder is empty)
Pull the boot image out of the ROM that was currently installed on your device and then fastboot flash boot_ab boot.img

You could also boot the A12 version of the recovery for your phone via fastboot boot twrp-3.7.0_12-v7.2_A12-alioth-skkk.img

Then you should be able to decrypt. I'm assuming you tried to use the A13 version, which is wrong if you were on MIUI 13.

That should be recoverable, unless you can't get to fastboot at all. In which case you're likely going to have to use miflash to flash a stock ROM and lose everything on the device. Make sure you do not lock the bootloader again if you have to go this route.
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In the end I tried several things but nothing worked and on some test, I accidentally deleted the data.
And finally, I did "fastboot erase boot_ab" and after that run the installation of miui 14, maybe with "fastboot erase boot_ab" and then update could be done, but I found it late... :(
Well if someone have this problem, you can try it.