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Oct 31, 2011
Time and time again, I see people asking how are these ROMs different from the ones posted at Xiaomi ( Lets break it down.

Differences from (Xiaomi)
  1. The poor English included in releases do not reflect the English language and lack most image translations. Note this seems to get better every major major release, but is no where near perfect. Our XML translation is 100% from scratch by MarkHUK, and updated weekly to perfect the ROM with proper English. We translate every feature daily in order to keep the ROM in perfect English. We then adapt that English to our MIUIAndroid MULTI Language ROM, which has 22 other languages by our amazing translation team.
  2. ROMs are hosted on Xiaomi servers, which anywhere outside of China will seed 10kbps -> 100kbps. You'll be waiting hours upon hours for a ROM Download. We have various mirrors and countless ways to download our ROM.
  3. releases include Chinese only features such as Supermarket (An illegal app market to redistribute applications since there are lots of Android Market problems in China). We don't include this APK because its Chinese and illegal.
  4. releases include a Weather.apk application which has a hardcoded list of cities for weather. It lacks any proper API like ( so you can not get weather in any place outside of China. Due to this reason, we remove this apk.
  5. releases include VoiceAssist.apk. This application is like Google Now, but acts and looks like Apple Siri. This application only speaks Chinese and therefore isn't included as it impedes legal laws around the world and isn't useful outside of China.
  6. Usefulness outside of China suffers. releases have Chinese IMEs and Baidu location management. These features hinder network location and typing outside of China useless. We aim to replace those files with the Google equivalent to make sure our ROM works in every major country.
  7. We are open source! Even though Xiaomi is reluctant to accept changes to their base from the international community. We make it our best effort to open source our XML here: That way users may tweak/update our XML as a community.
  8. We provide support for the international community. Unless you are proficient in Chinese, your odds of MIUI support are useless at Xiaomi. We have a very active forum in order to help those running MIUI.
  9. We support more devices. We port ICS MIUI / JB MIUI to various other devices. Our forum has various subforums where our Staff ports MIUI to those devices. So that means we support MIUI on the official Xiaomi devices along with our own set of ROMs.
  10. We fix what Xiaomi doesn't. Its hard for a bug to be fixed in Xiaomi ROMs when it doesn't affect Chinese users. We aim to fix those in order to create a balanced ROM for the entire community.
  11. We act as liaisons to Xiaomi for the greater MIUI community. Passing on feedback, bugs and what not to make sure its included in the main ROM for the entire world to experience.
  12. We allow anyone to submit their own language for our multi-language ROM!
  13. We do lots of tweaks during build like zipaligning and removing un-needed elements from the APK to provide a slighter faster installation.
We are for the end user and never miss a weekly MIUI release.

<3 MIUIAndroid Team

What makes MIUIAndroid different from other MIUI fansites?
  1. In addition to the various reasons listed above. We've been doing this awhile. Hell, MIUIAndroid was the first translation site outside of
  2. We release our ROMs on time. Every week, without fault.
  3. We engineered the newest tools (Apktool & modified faapt) for support with MIUI and released for the greater community to use.
  4. We help countless porters & translators through messages, forum posts, and IRC channels. We help the community learn and master the use of MIUI.
  5. Our ROM base is used in lots of places! People tend to use our ROM as a base for ports for the reasons above. Just take a gander around various websites, usually our ROM is the base.
  6. We have our XML public and keep the public enlightened with a constant stream of news.
  7. We don't keep secrets or our code hidden (With the exception of our build engine).
  8. We don't add bloat into the ROM.
  9. We keep our product clean, fast, and only provide fixes to the core release keeping the ROM uncluttered.
  10. Our stats are always visible! (Assuming no problems on our end) -
  11. We are constantly growing! We bring on Staff when needed and constantly making new friends. We are a growing community.
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