How To Downgrade From Weekly Beta To Stable

Aug 4, 2016
I have tried doing this previously (without wiping data) hit with sqlite3 error which complains about cannot downgrade version from xxx to yyy.

Since the latest weekly beta 6.11.24 is hit with problem, i have decided to give it another try to downgrade 6.11.17 (beta) to (stable).

Again i am hit with sqlite3 error since i flashed via TWRP without wiping data.

But this time I am better equipped. I have downloaded a copy of sqlite3 binary and using root explorer copied it to /system/xbin and add execution permission.

Whenever there is a crash dialog box, i studied the message and take note of what sqlite3 database which is giving the error.

I also use 'adb logcat' on the pc to view the errors.

All in all, the modified the user_version of these sqlite3 databases, with user_version change shown in the bracket :-

/data/data/ ( from 103 to 101 )

/data/data/ ( from 909 to 906 )

/data/data/ ( from 909 to 906 )

To change the user_version, just run sqlite3 on the respective databases :-
# sqlite3 profile.db
sqlite3> pragma user_version;
( display current version )
sqlite3> pragma user_version=906;
sqlite3> .quit
( save and quit )

I am not sure if there are other database errors but the system becomes usable after downgrading these 3 sqlite3 databases.

I am sharing it in case others want to do this.

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Oct 31, 2016
Can we flash from weekly rom to stable rom? I try this without wiping data and encountered error. The phone always rebboting. How to solve this?
Jun 16, 2014
I think it is too much hassle to flash from weekly to stable without wiping. Chances are you will end up with wiping or restoring the phone anyway.

I would recommend backup of settings and apps in settings - additional settings - backup. Copy the backup folder ( internal storage\MIUI\Backup\ ... )to the PC. Then wipe the phone, install stable, copy backup from PC to phone, and restore the backup. You should be good to go.
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