HTC Desire - Odd behaviour



On 12.11 it seems that my phone will randomly freeze/hang and nothing short of taking the battery out can fix it. I have tried fix permissions, checking apps, disabling setcpu and others to no avail. It seems random and in no way affected by apps or anything I am doing on the phone.

I also find that there is sometimes odd behaviour with MIUI music from the lock screen such as pressing play may start a song then skip a few right when it starts playing.

Any ideas? I'm betting a fresh 12.17 will fix all this. All comments appreciated.
Hmm, i had a big problem with my Desire last time. The Unlucky one because no one else had the problem. My CPU usage was always almost full on all froyo roms that did not have sense. That was really a big problem for me but after flashing a RUU or PB99IMG for the Desire, my phone was fine.

Follow a guide on my website, .

Remember that this brings your phone back to stock and removes root and all but it solves all your problem and rooting isn't hard:D
Thanks for the advice, already went through that a few weeks ago when i was having issues installing Open Desire and a few other ROMs. It's quite odd that so many things act up on this device but work so well when they feel like it.
I wouldn't say its the Device but the way HTC loaded up the firmware into the phone the first time we got our phone. But when you flash th PB99IMG the right way, everything works the way it should:D