In Progress HTC imei mod, battery drain and vibration


Nov 26, 2010
First of all: thanks for a great rom. Flashed 2.6.1 and it is working like a charm. However I have three issues:

1 HTC imei mod fc every time I select one word from the suggested words. Else it is working fine

2 Vibration on ÌCS is much weaker than on GB

3 Battery drain when on 3G is very poor.

Any suggestions?

MI ONE plus
The vibration is on medium by default in ICS.
Go into settings , full settings , sound settings.
On the bottom is the vibration option that can be changed into strong.

Have not tested that yet..

It's weird that the level of vibration is different between GB and ICS...
We don't support mods. I believe the arrays.xml (File that holds random configs) has different values than GB. Its quite possible they changed the vibration levels.

Battery drain is very difficult to target and fix.
Fixed HTC_IME keyboard. Downloaded a fix from XDA and it works like a charm now!

Only the vibration and extremely battery drain left then.

Some information:

Baseband version

Kernel version
Kernel: 3.0.-perf-00314-g80d7dca
builder@taishan #1
SMP PREEMPT Fri May 25 11.44.32 CST 2012

Build number

Any suggestions about why the battery drain on 3G is so extreme? Been using it for 6 hours, with almost no screen activity and its only 50%. Same use on WIFI and 90% battery left.