HyperOS 1.0 HyperOS 1.0 STABLE RELEASE

Thanks for the great work! Just installed it from Stable Miui 14 for Mi11 Ultra (star)
All looks OK except the WiFi that cant be turned on and not working, tried to reflash, tried to flash using fastboot too, no luck... any idea what got corrupted?
First the flash was with the a13 twrp version, maybe there it corrupted something? anyways I thought reflash using the fastboot might fix it but still not, cant find anyone else here with same issue ;-(
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Just upgraded MI 11 Ultra (star) works perfectly and no issues with wifi or anything else so far...
Thank you developers!!!!
It's an upgrade to switch from MIUI 14 stable to HyperOS stable ROM, so formatting data is not mandatory.
Clean Install recommend :emoji_point_down:

I am but i will try dirty flash to see. Need to back up some things and i can try it.
You can do it but should you?
If dirty flashed it please don't report issues later
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If you want to use xiaomi.eu ROM and catch the signal follow the instructions below:

Redmi Note 13 Pro 5G / POCO X6​

- Download this firmware Global > extract the zip. > firmware-update > modem.img > use this file

Install modem.img
fastboot command:

fastboot flash modem modem.img
fastboot reboot

You can also install the modem in TWRP:
Oh man, you made my day - it worked :) But - what is with other updates in the stable branch, do we have to flash the modem.bin again??
I use Xiaomi.eu HyperOS 1.0 on my Xiaomi 12 for a few month now. Something that still annoys me is the limited volume when using headphones. I understand that this is regional restriction (for EU countries) on the official Global ROM.

Can this limitation be removed in the Xiaomi.eu ROM?
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Doesn't change anything about the fact, that clean install is not mandatory.
Clean install is always the best way to avoid issues, but that's not the point.
Can I switch from Miui 14 weekly to Hyper OS Stable without format?
Read always carefully the OP before upgrade .EU ROM


The answer is that you SHOULDN'T upgrade from Weekly to Stable without FORMAT

I have tested the ROM on Mi 11 ultra (star). It works flawlessly so far.
Note: I made clean installation via TWRP.

Thank you for your great work.
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Read always carefully the OP before upgrade .EU ROM
Yes, please do the same.
I said in post #1.561 that it's an upgrade to switch from MIUI 14 stable to HyperOS stable ROM, so formatting data is not mandatory.

Also your quote from first post is about going from HyperOS weekly to HyperOS stable. But you are referring this quote to a question, which is about going from MIUI 14 weekly to HyperOS stable. Your answer and quote don't fit to the question.
Since this is an upgrade and not a downgrade like the procedure in your quote, it CAN work without formatting data. But it would mean switching the ROM branch, so clean install may be better in this case.

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