Is it possible to backup data before mi unlock with phone in bootloop?


Oct 27, 2023
I have the situation that my Redmi note 10 pro is stuck in bootloop. I think it was a forced restart while charging and possibly updating. I only know I left the phone to charge and I found it in bootloop. The recovery screen is visible only and "reboot" and "safe mode" gets me back to the recovery screen. I don't want to wipe data and MiAssistant doesn't see my phone through USB. All I want to do is to save the pictures.

I am a developer (not android) and I though I could find my way around until I found that there is this thing called bootloader lock, which kinda makes sense for security reasons.
So I tried to unloc using miflash_unlock_en_7.6.727.43, but this will delete my data, again, I understand, for good reason. And since I cannot unlock the bootloader that means I cannot really do anything programatically or use any tool to get inside my phone, to recover the operating system or get my data out. So here are my questions:

1. Is there any way to unlock the phone without losing the data?
2. Why does MiAssistant-4.2.1028.10 not see my phone, even though ".\fastboot devices" gives me the device id?
3. Why does miflash_unlock_en_7.6.727.43 want to wipe my data even though I am logged in with a mi account which has the same phone registered in the account?
4. Can I use the adb utility in any way with the phone locked? I always get this from any adb command: "adb: unable to connect for backup: no devices/emulators found"
5. Is there a Mi tool (similar to mi unlock) where I could login with my Mi Account and backup my data before I attempt to fix the phone?

Is there any way to save my images from the phone at this point?
I see there are other people in the forum asking a similar questions, with no answer:

Thank you!
Hey what happened with your phone? Did you manage to fix it?
Im still in the same situation as you described. One service center even told me it might be a dead motherboard.
Here is my original issue