Is it Possible to port this on Mi2/2S ?

Jun 6, 2013

Guys, today Lewa OS5 has been released to various devices including Mi1/1S , but Mi2/2S is not supported yet , what a loss

I am drooling just by looking at how creative these Lewa OS developers... I have heard so much good things about this ROM performance & its Battery life also....

I am sure we can port this ROM to our Mi2/2S devices also... their Patch ROM is also coming out to other devices... that means we can port Lewa OS on Mi2/2S also... That is an interesting news for us....

Can any developers here help us or make this ROM work on our devices ? It is believed that Lewa OS5 is better than iOS ! thats what people think... After seeing the above video, even i think the same. it is very beautiful..

Help us to port this ROM guys... the more ROMs we have the better it is for customization....
Hope to get a quick & possible response from the interested developers....
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Jun 23, 2013
well , it's already supported on the google nexus.. So .. why not ( using m1cha's kernel of course.. )
Have never learned how to port Android before nor the internals of android.. But i am a fairly competent linux user.. Could try porting it over when i have time
Jun 6, 2013
I would buy you a beer if you do so...
Or else pls guide me in brief, i will try to do it.
I have a fair knowledge about modding a ROM & Flashing it & testing those stuffs...
It is really interesting to cook a ROM on your own right ?