Issues: Sync settings forces reboot on 1.4.29.

Joaquin Habacon

May 4, 2011
Issues: Sync settings forces reboot on 1.4.29.

Hey guys,

Was wondering if anyone else was having this issue.

I upgraded from 1.4.22 to 1.4.29 today. The issue is when I go to the settings>Personal>Accounts Sync Settings, it reboots the droid. I haven't had this problem before.

I installed 1.4.29 right over top of 1.4.22 and left the .22 zip in the root.

I have avg, titanium back up, android booster which i have checked to see if I locked the sync part of the settings panel and nothing seems to be out of place.

I can use everything else no problem within the settings panel except for sync.

If it is a permissions thing where would I go to chmod it?

Any thoughts?

Thanks Joasop