Just checking, Does anyone else get random restarts?


Dec 15, 2010
I know MiUi isn't exactly stable but does anyone else get random restarts? Force Closes and such don't seem to be that much of an issue with me compared to others but I do seem to get random Hard Resets and the Occasional Soft Reset. This as you can imagine is very annoying when I'm trying to send texts or call people but thankfully it usually happens randomly when its in my pocket. I was just wondering if other people seem to get this?

Thanks for reading.
I dont tend to stalk my phone to really care or notice to be honest? :)
We take the "AWESOMENESS!" with the rare, somtimes, 3 second random dosent affect anything reboots lol i say its past stable pertaining to other roms out there but wateva im not hating weekly updates! Lol
Happens to me at least once a day

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Definitely happens here. Multiple times some days, while other days it won't even once. In fact, today, it rebooted when I went to take a picture with the Google Goggles app. I've used the app many times before without reboots, and I used it again immediately after the phone rebooted and all went well. Very random.
Factory Reset usually solves those issues. Had it happen on CM6. Flashed to MIUI, did factory reset and no more problems! :)
I've read this on another forum and it worked for me - if you uninstall SetCPU, things should be better. I no longer get random restarts after uninstalling it.
Fix permissions in ROM manager also helps. I did a clean install and then Fix permissions and it fixed the fcs and restarts.

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random reboots happen for me too...
sometimes 3 times in a day.... other times no reboots for 7 days... (or it happens but I don't see it...)
Could this depend if memory is full or memory-manager is no more able to manage it?

I'll try with fix-permission for the moment
Wiped and flashed again, also uninstalled setcpu... didnt help :(
Today i have recieved a mms and it have rebooted 7 times.
I think something wrong with cpu governor or memory manager
I had these problems when I used SetCPU too, Therefore people that use it and have these problems should just delete it.
I don't have set CPU installed and I get random restarts when unlocking my phone. It freezes randomly when I go to unlock phone and then restarts. It does a very quick reboot though not a full one. Is there any way to fix this? I've tried a full wipe with fresh install and wiping delvik. Still having problems.

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Hmmm.. I never had problem with MIUI random reboot.. But yesterday i flashed CM6.1.1 to test batt life compared to MIUI, did full wipe 4 times and wiped Dalvik 4 times as well. Flashed CM and Gapps, boot ok then after that i get random reboots with CM, tried wiping everything again and reflash CM, still the same random reboots... Gave up wipe everything again, went back to MIUI... No issues back on MIUI.

Guess might have to format the whole SD, should be some hidden files outisde the .android_secure causing the problem.

Btw, while i was on CM6.1.1 i noticed batt life really alot better then MIUI, one hour on CM batt only dropped 6%. Less then 1hr on MIUI restoring all my apps and stuff it went down another 15%.
Same for me. Did a complete wipe and didnt install setcpu. Same problem though.