Kernel Android - Linux


Mar 4, 2012
I was reading a nice news about Linux this morning, such as they was going to merge ANDROID and LINUX together (some part) on the latest kernel.

version 3.3

Our MIUI is running an 2.6.35 kernel if I am not wrong.
What are the difficulties to update the kernel to 3.3 ?
or at least to the latest stable version 3.2.12

I mean we should got all the "updates" on kernel... I am not really sure but since we got a kernel, is it hard to update or patch our with the new version?

is there files we can't get works on new kernel...

thanks to answer I would like just know about this..

What is already integrated to the linux 3.3 kernel from android is.
binder, logger, low memory killer, some of smartphone, tablet driver.

what is really missing at this moment is the wakelock *battery will drain very fast