[KERNEL][mione_plus][3.6.28] Stock kernel with init.d support

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Jan 12, 2013
Post #1: Introduction, features, installation, downloads, FAQ and special thanks
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I've been searching for a way to get init.d working on the Xiaomi Mi2 (stock MIUI).
Simple ways like this doesn't work on the Xiaomi Mi2, although not on my Mi2.
So I updated the boot.img (kernel) with a modified ramdisk (initramfs) to add support for init.d and some other features.
With this succes I decided to get init.d support to MiOne too, so here it is.

* I'm not a kernel developer this is a very simple mod which everyone could accomplish.
* Flashing knowledge is required to keep yourself out of trouble.
* I am not responsible for your bricked or not working devices.
* If you have any concerns or don't know what this all means do some research.

- Latest stock MIUI kernel
- init.d support
- sysctl support
- busybox with symlinked applets

Note: use the kernel for your MIUI version! It prevents issues with your rom.
1. Put both custom and stock kernel on your SD-card.
2. Boot in ClockWorkMod recovery. Download CWM for MiOne here
3. Flash kernel to system1 or system2 (depends where the ROM is installed).
4. Reboot.
Note: if kernel isn't booting flash the stock kernel back!

Downloads MIUI
3.6.28 Custom | Stock
3.6.21 Custom | Stock
3.6.7 Custom | Stock
3.5.31 Custom | Stock

What is init.d?
Init.d plays an important role in the world of Android development and customization.
It allows users to install scripts and mods to be run at boot. Everything from battery tweaks to performance tweaks.
It essentially opens the door to a world of mods only possible through the Init.d process, which in turn is usually only available on custom kernels.

How do I know if init.d works?
There is a test script after installation.
If you have "initd.log" in you data partition (/data/initd.log) then init.d works.

Test it with terminal emulator or adb
cat /data/initd.log
Help my phone is not booting!
Flash back stock kernel!

Help my phone is not booting and I haven't stock kernel on my SD-card.
Reboot in clockworkmod recovery and switch sytem or reflash a full rom or restore a nandroid backup.

What is xxxx governor or xxxxx scheduler
Follow this link

What is read_ahead_kb?
Follow this link

Is this the start for other ROMS, like not MIUI?
No, this is a kernel modification without sources. Kernel sources are required to port other ROMS like CyanogenMod, Paranoidandroid ect.

Can you integrate more features in this kernel (e.g. screen colors, sound ect.)?
No, kernel sources are required for that. I am restricted to the ramdisk (initramfs).

Special thanks
- The CyanogenMod team / used their source to compile mkbootfs and used their init.d method.
- Gilles Grandou / for abootimg.
- M1cha / for ClockWorkMod recovery
- Gokhan Moral for STweaks and UCI


Jan 5, 2013
Does this one works for Mi-one s or p
And which kernel do you need to install first? Install first the custom and than stock or?
You install this just like updating right?


translators.xiaomi.eu maintainer
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Jan 12, 2013
These kernels are compiled for specific MIUI versions, which are older version.
This doesn't work on newer MIUI versions
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