Resolved Kernel Panic Upload mode on SGS2

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Jan 13, 2012
The 2.3.23 is the worst upload by you yet I feel. I was on 2.2.16 and flashed 2.3.23 on SGS2. Since this was the weekly upgrade, I did it with only cache wipe. Landed up with Kernel Panic upload mode. Had to Odin to stock and then tried to install this after a complete wipe. And landed up with the same. After another Odin to stock I flashed the 2.3.16 which gets installed.
You really must check the 2.3.23 file for SGS2. I feel you have some of the highest rate of bugged uploads which you withdraw and re-up compared to other MIUI sites and this really sux.
Bare in mind that V4 for SGS2 is quite a new port. This is just a second release so you shall expect bugs. If you don't want to help out with bug reports/posting logcat, etc; you shouldn't really rush on fridays and download the newest version before other people can confirm that there is no bootloop issues or similar failures. I can agree though that I'd rather wait one extra day or two so that the MIUIAndroid team could check everything correctly without rushing things up (less stress for the devs, more happy people, but .. you know how it is. There will always be people who are never happy)
There is no problem with bootlooping or minor bugs or even a lot of FC problems. It's easy to revert to last week's. And I am reporting a major bug. No way I can give a Logcat for this. But posting a ROM with a Kernel problem is little amateurish. And the flash wasn't rushed. IT was on Sunday not on Friday. After I saw that the initial problems had been fixed. If someone tells you that mms.apk in SGS2 ROM is fixed, you don't expect a kernel issue.
So what does one do if one is getting Kernel Panic? Hope MIUI fixes it in next release? And how come only some users are getting it ... there has to be something different what I am doing?
My Sequence: Odin to LP5. Root with Chainfire > Mobile Odin flash Samsung Kernel to remove yellow triangle. Next is Mobile Odin flash Chainfire Kernel to get CWM. In CWM > Complete Wip and install Galnet MIUI for SGS2 2.3.23 and on reboot I get Kernel Panic.
Complete Wipe is following in this sequence > Wipe Data/Reset, Wipe Cache, Wipe Dalvik Cache, Format System partition.
I install the MIUI next.
That's wierd, because I'm using 2.3.23 version right now (SGS2). I did a wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache, wipe dalvik cache and have installed the *zip without any boot problems. Did you checked the md5 checksum of your *zip ? Maybe somethings got corrupted.
MD5 is fine. The 2.3.16 version installs fine. Funny thing ... I tried to install Galnet's MIUI 2.3.23 and that gave me Kernel Panic mode too. There is something about this release that doesn't gel with my system and I can't figure out what is different in my system. I wrote all my steps of recovery above.
Closing this thread since the user is the only person experiencing this issue.

Feel free to PM me or the team if you find a solution and we will add it to the thread here.


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